Happy New Year - time to get riding!!


The rains and gales before Christmas made a bit of a mess of our Kielder trails, but following lots of hardwork by the chainsaw teams, we are almost back to normal.

Deadwater, Lonesome Pine and Bloody Bush trails are all fully open. The short Blue trail (Osprey Chick) is OK to ride, but there is still a large section of windblow on the long Osprey meaning that it remains closed for a little while longer. Lakeside Way is also fully open.

The Kielder Cycle Centre is back to normal Winter opening times (just closed Wednesday and Thursday), so let's see a few more of you up here getting those wheels turning!

Lonesome Pine has seen a lot of resurfacing/reprofiling recently and the 1st section off the Lakeside Way rides really well now. Further work is starting on the Oliver's Oscar section, which will make this fast descent so much smoother (and safer). So, no excuses, get yourselves up here to see the difference all this work has made.

By the way, if you want to lend a hand (the more help we get, the faster things get done) with the work the Kielder Trail Reavers are doing, then join one of our monthly build days (1st Sunday of each month). We have local guys out building during the week also, so if that suits you better, call Ian on 01434 250457.