There is quite a lot of work going on resurfacing and reprofiling sections of Lonesome Pine Trail at the moment.

Purdom Plunge (from the end of the boardwalk) has been completly resurfaced, and work will carry on down Oliver's Oscar to improve the corners and clear the loose stones.

The main thrust at the moment is on the Lewisburn section (as it leaves the Lakeside Way).  Having completely resurfaced the first part of this section, to where it meets the banks of the Lewis Burn, the problem doing the next section was the lack of easy access to move stone in. Helicopter? - why not!! It took less than 2 hours to have 40tons of stone lifted in by helicopter - result!

With help from the Forestry Commission, the Kielder Trail Reaver volunteers have resurfaced all of this piece of trail to the bridge, and improved the flow with some added features. So now the whole of the 1st section of singletrack on Lonesome Pine has been resurfaced - smoother, faster and more fun!!

If you've ridden this recently we hope you have noticed the improvements, and if you would like to help out and speed this work up, then please contact Kevin or Ian at the Kielder Cycle Centre on 01434 250457 for further details.

Next work will be improving the descent down Oliver's Oscar - if you ride the Kielder trails, come and give us a hand.