More trail improvements

There has been a lot of work going on at Kielder since the start of 2016, with lots of changes across all the trails. KTR volunteers, FC staff and contractors have been very busy, and here are some of the highlights:-

Osprey trail - Berms at the end of Rickies Run completely reconfigured, so not as steep and tight as before, and a lot more fun to ride!

                    Descent to Fam's Bridge, site lines improved and turns tidied up.

Lonesome Pine trail - The trail profile has been flattened out and whacked to make it easier to hold a line on the Purdom Plunge section.

                               Oliver's Oscar descent has been resurfaced completely, with bigger berms and several other hand built features.

                               Loose stones removed, and some turns reprofiled on Skydive (descent after Skyspace).

                               Ant's Path "unofficial" shortcut now opened as a Black section on a trial basis.

Deadwater trail - Sightlines improved on 3 Dog descent (the new inner loop).

                         Jimmy's Hill section all resurfaced and rock gardens made (a little) easier!

                         Superbowl loop resurfaced and drained with hard and easy descent options.

                         The large right then left berms on Twist and Shout reshaped and surfaced and now ride scary fast!

                         Shake, Rattle and Roll section cleaned up a little, but left in it's original state as it is such a blast. 

Skills Loop - Undergoing a complete revamp by KTR volunteers, should reopen soon.


So, never a better time to come up and ride at Kielder, where the trails are in their best condition for years.

Lonesome Pine Trail Re-opened

A diversion has been constructed to take riders off the section of trail that the Lewisburn almost washed away!

Until a more permanent fix is in place this does involve a short "off piste" section which is a bit soggy, and you might prefer to walk through it. Still lots better than having the whole trail closed.

Lonesome Pine Trail Closed

Recent flood damage on the Lewisburn section has meant the whole trail has been closed today.  An assessment will follow, and hopefully the trail will be able to be re-opened very soon, with any neccessary diversions in place.

Watch this space.

All trails open!

Kielder cycle trails all now open.


The large section of windlown trees on the long Blue trail (Osprey) have now been cleared which means all our trails are fully open!!

After such a prolonged period of heavy rain and wind, there are areas of trail damage and erosion on all the trails, so please ride with that in mind. These will be fixed as soon as the volunteers get time, so please ride with care.

The Oliver's Oscar descent on the Lonesome Pine trail is undergoing a major facelift. Signage is in place, but be aware that trail build volunteers could be working on the trail as you ride through, so take extra care and be prepared to stop if neccessary.

New Year update!

Happy New Year - time to get riding!!


The rains and gales before Christmas made a bit of a mess of our Kielder trails, but following lots of hardwork by the chainsaw teams, we are almost back to normal.

Deadwater, Lonesome Pine and Bloody Bush trails are all fully open. The short Blue trail (Osprey Chick) is OK to ride, but there is still a large section of windblow on the long Osprey meaning that it remains closed for a little while longer. Lakeside Way is also fully open.

The Kielder Cycle Centre is back to normal Winter opening times (just closed Wednesday and Thursday), so let's see a few more of you up here getting those wheels turning!

Lonesome Pine has seen a lot of resurfacing/reprofiling recently and the 1st section off the Lakeside Way rides really well now. Further work is starting on the Oliver's Oscar section, which will make this fast descent so much smoother (and safer). So, no excuses, get yourselves up here to see the difference all this work has made.

By the way, if you want to lend a hand (the more help we get, the faster things get done) with the work the Kielder Trail Reavers are doing, then join one of our monthly build days (1st Sunday of each month). We have local guys out building during the week also, so if that suits you better, call Ian on 01434 250457.

Upgrades to Lonesome Pine Trail

There is quite a lot of work going on resurfacing and reprofiling sections of Lonesome Pine Trail at the moment.

Purdom Plunge (from the end of the boardwalk) has been completly resurfaced, and work will carry on down Oliver's Oscar to improve the corners and clear the loose stones.

The main thrust at the moment is on the Lewisburn section (as it leaves the Lakeside Way).  Having completely resurfaced the first part of this section, to where it meets the banks of the Lewis Burn, the problem doing the next section was the lack of easy access to move stone in. Helicopter? - why not!! It took less than 2 hours to have 40tons of stone lifted in by helicopter - result!

With help from the Forestry Commission, the Kielder Trail Reaver volunteers have resurfaced all of this piece of trail to the bridge, and improved the flow with some added features. So now the whole of the 1st section of singletrack on Lonesome Pine has been resurfaced - smoother, faster and more fun!!

If you've ridden this recently we hope you have noticed the improvements, and if you would like to help out and speed this work up, then please contact Kevin or Ian at the Kielder Cycle Centre on 01434 250457 for further details.

Next work will be improving the descent down Oliver's Oscar - if you ride the Kielder trails, come and give us a hand.

Bloody Bush trail now open

We hear that all the windblown trees have been removed, and that this trail is now rideable again. There are one or two damaged signs to be replaced, but at least this can now be used as an extension of the Lonesome Pine trail to get to the Scotttish border


So, we now have all our Kielder trails open again, with quite a lot of changes being carried out by the Kielder Trail Reavers volunteer group to help improve the flow and feel of our trails. We need more help with this, so if you want to lend a hand for one half day a month, please contact the Kielder Cycle Centre on 01434 250457.



Kielder Bike Wash back in action

Our Bike Wash is now working!!

Not exactly a Trail Update, but thought it was worth mentioning that after a long time without it, we now have a Bike Wash that works!!

So, just pop in a £1 coin and you get enough time to bring the shine back to your steed. Tokens not needed anymore, so useable even when we are closed.

Blue is Back

Osprey Trail now open!!


The large batch of windblown trees on the long Osprey Trail have now been cleared, so both this and the Osprey Chick Trail are open.

The forest road after you turn right off the Forest Drive is fairly muddy due to harvesting operations, but this will be cleaned (graded) very soon.

So, plenty of Blue grade trail to go at for Easter!!