RRP Enduroguard
  • RRP Enduroguard
  • RRP Enduroguard
  • RRP Enduroguard
  • RRP Enduroguard
  • RRP Enduroguard

RRP Enduroguard

Brand: Rapid Racer Products
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Our new ENDUROGUARD v3 mudguard adds new colours to our range with a much improved design, used by some of the best riders in the world the ENDUROGUARD can keep the mud and spray out of your eyes and face. Or just snap-off the round holes either side of the RRP logo and attach it to the rear stays to protect your linkages and shock from getting hammered.

Our “Seal Guard” is specifically designed to give massive additional protection to your fork seals, no other guard has this level of protection for your seals

for forks from 80mm to 125mm travel
for forks from 130mm to 200mm travel


This STANDARD size is small enough to look right on short travel forks found on 4X and Cross Country/trail bikes, the fork brace is also usually closer to the stanchion so we have moved the holes for a more appropriate fit for smaller travel forks

This LARGE size offers great protection and is big enough to fit the longer travel forks found on Gravity Enduro and Downhill bikes, the fork brace on these forks are typically further away from the stanchions so we have moved the holes accordingly for a better fit


The ENDUROGUARDTM is designed as a FRONT or REAR mudguard and has been specifically adapted to do both jobs extremely well, the holes that are correct for fitting to the front forks do not work when using them to fit as a rear mudguard (unless the bike has a dropped rear brace), our snap off holes allows you to rotate the guard forward for better tyre clearance and protection.
Clean with a hose or jet wash, no chemicals are needed and may degrade the print over time

This additional bulge has been added and refined to offer additional protection for your seals against the relentless attack from spray and mud without affecting the fit or aesthetics, you will be grateful for this feature on those extremely wet rides prolonging the life of your fork seals

The 'T' shape clamping points are designed to wrap around the fork leg providing a better and neater fit. The front of the mudguard is designed to offer increased protection for high speeds without spoiling the look of the mudguard. The wider curve with flat rear end offers maximum protection and frame clearance compared to a simple symmetrical curve

The holes for the fork brace aren't ideally located when using it as a rear mudguard, so we built in two sets of snap-off holes to allow you to rotate the guard forward and attach it to the brace between the rear stays, this feature creates more mud/tyre clearance and a much better fit.
NB: if you have no rear brace between the rear stays then use the extra snap-off holes on the arms instead to create two points of attachment each side 
Choose either the STANDARD or LARGE size depending on what rear protection you want to achieve (STANDARD would be the default size recommendation)

Our products display cool looking 2 tone screen printed graphics with our well known Evil Eyes logo on the front to finish off the look nicely. The fork travel suitability for each size is printed on the side of the mudguard for ease of purchasing

We took a more expensive route opting for a custom thickness of polypropylene to meet our requirements, we felt the standard "off the shelf" options were either too thick (1.2mic) or too thin (0.8mic), our custom material sits squarely in-between. This allows us to offer the best of both worlds; the durability and quality feel that a thicker material gives, combined with the fit flexibility that a thinner material delivers

All black based ENDUROGUARD's will come with black zip ties, all white based will come with our new custom bright white zip ties that dissapear on white forks.

1) Remove the 4 zip ties supplied and insert them into all the holes as shown below
2) Bend and slide mudguard into position from the front
3) Loosely fasten up the top zip ties around the fork brace first then the legs
4) Centralise and then tighten up the top zip ties REAL tight so it won't move
5) Rotate the bottom zip ties until you get the desired angle and then tighten
6) Cut off any excess from the zip ties and rotate them out of the way

1) Snap-off the holes either side of RRP logo (or on the arms if you have no rear brace) 
2) Loosely attach the zip ties to the rear stays and brace
3) Align to give you the correct tyre clearance 
4) Now do up all the zip ties REAL tight

As with all adhesive backed stickers it’s advisable to warm the sticker with a hair dryer before removal to reduce the amount of adhesive left behind, use “sticky stuff” remover or soap and water to remove any remaining residue from the mudguard or zip ties

STANDARD 31g (with uncut zip ties)
LARGE 35g (with uncut zip ties)

Priced at £9.99 to include £1 for P+P.

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