Tannus Armour Tubeless

Tannus Armour Tubeless Sizes
  • 27.5" x 2.1"-2.6"
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£ 25.00 £ 45.00
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Ian's Notes

Our last pair in 27.5" for only £25 plus P&P!!

Tannus Armour Tubeless is the result of years of top level multi-cell foam manufacturing mixed with extensive professional riding experience. The solution is simple:

3% Faster than standard tubeless (Data Proven)

Flexible "Wings" for smoother ride quality

150g - About as much as a standard tube (a little lighter)

Easy Installation (5 Minutes, No tools required)

Proven to be the insert of choice by Professional Racers, Red Bull Rampage Athletes, Dirt Jumpers, Enduro Racers, Weekend Warriors, and the like. Tannus Athlete Reece Wallace said "It continually adapts to the trail while you're riding; it's not just a piece of foam that you stick in your tyre. So as you move the bike, the insert changes with it."

Tannus has been developing tire technology since 2003 and we are the number 1 brand of airless tyre technology in the world. At the heart of Tannus is our patented Aither Technology. Aither is a multi-cell foam compound that forms the structure of the Armour.

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