Santa Cruz News

2016 demo bikes now ready to go!

All our 2015 Demo bikes have found good homes now, so in with the new!! We have a 5010 2 CC with XT AM build in Blue large and a Bronson 2 C with S AM kit in Matt Black medium.

Also our long awaited Hightower C in S AM 29 format has arrived. This is a large in the beautiful Burgundy finish. All the above are fitted with Invisiframe frame protection kits and raring to go.

I have already tried these new Santa's on our Kielder trails, and I am very impressed and might even be favouring the 29er over my old favourite the 5010? So please get in touch if you have an interest in trying any of the above. In fact if you want to try a Santa Cruz that we don't have, just let me know and we can arrange for one to be shipped to Kielder for you to try.

As another incentive, we will have 0% finance available soon!!